Maciej Cieplucha’s Ragtime long program costume at the 2013 Finlandia Trophy.


Maciej Cieplucha’s Ragtime long program costume at the 2013 Finlandia Trophy.


Mr. Bean Inserted Into Famous Portrait Paintings by Rodney Pike [via]

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stem-cell said: we’re 2 eps in and they won’t stop with the love triangle uhhhhhhhhhh

To the show’s credit, it doesn’t feel forced or contrived (like it did in, say, Legend of Korra), and you kind of get this feeling like Molly is always more than just a ‘woman who punches things’ to the writers, she’s nuanced and emotionally developed so as not to be reduced into a stereotype. That’s my biggest fear - that she gets defined purely by her relationship with the boys while she can be so much more. 

Like if the show doesn’t show her getting together with either one, and the love triangle doesn’t take up too much of the plot, that’s all I need. They are all very cute, and I can imagine the trio just being close friends forever and doing cute things like going out for coffee or shopping or watching shitty movies together. OT… 3…?

Still, the very fact that the love triangle exists bugs me, like, I assumed they were going for a platonic relationship with both boys - and then the plot summary says they both have feelings for her. I’m. I’m conflicted.

BBC’s Our Girl is painfully conflicting.

I’m torn between being annoyed that an action series starring a woman has to have a b-plot love triangle between two guys… 

…and really wanting Molly Dawes to just boss both of them forever, OWNING both boys like the two little precious pissbabies they are.


Also one of the guys, Captain James, makes me laugh, he’s so handsome, it’s ridiculous. Look at him. Remind me again why this man is in the army when he could have a lucrative career as an Armani model?image



I think I remember you mentioning that Donahue and Moira's names are based off of people you know in real life. How similar are they to their fictional counterparts, and our they the only characters you did that with?

Donahue and Moira aren’t named after actual people, but they certainly are based off them. I never really get tired of telling the story of how I had to entertain my cousins over a reunion dinner, looked over at their aunty, and came up with Burning Bridges on the spot. 

That woman lost her father at a very early age, and how that loss affected her fundamentally, and how she’s moved past it, was something that really inspired me. She’s the most stubborn and determined woman I’ve ever met, plus she has a habit of learning new skills and language at the drop of her hat - so she’s pretty talented too. ;)

That’s not to say Moira as a character came out fully formed from her; I borrowed Moira’s aesthetic and some plot elements from an older character called Offred, and it’s safe to say Moira is not the same thing as the woman that inspired her. Still, I see them as roughly analogous, which might confuse some people on the blog - whoopsies. ;u; 

Donahue is based on 4 different people, and not one person in particular, so I feel a little more free to mess with him than I would with Moira. ;) He’s got a little of my own dad in there, but he comes largely from the people who worked with him as a young policeman, one of whom is now married to IRL Moira. Like the people he’s based on, he’s charismatic, a tactician, a skilled leader, and a trickster above all - one of the fellows got baptised as Mormon to take advantage of an American law that subsidizes Christian school fees. He loves telling that story. ;u; 

Do you still watch Legend of Korra? If so, what did you think about the last two books, and what do you think about the next one?

I think this gif sums it up better than I can: 

I still see it sporadically, but stopped paying attention after Avatar Wan. The Wan episodes felt like the best the show could offer - anything before or after that felt somewhat weak, the creators keep blaming the fans for their own failures, and I stopped really giving a poop. 

(Not to mention they turned Empress Dowager Ci Xi, basically Chinese Margaret Thatcher, into a straight up villain called the Earth Queen? Im not offended as some others might be, but that marked for me a point where the show reached Rasputin in Anatasia levels of surreal and weird. ) 

But hey, the first Avatar has my name. Ha-HAH!!! We’ll always have that. ;u;

 protocol00 replied to your post:Question:

If you have a US 3ds you can try to get the US demo. Because of region locking nonsense, even downloadable stuff is locked specifically to the 3DS you have, even if you’re using internet from a different region.

Hmmm… They didn’t say how to get the US demos, or if you could get them in England, did they? 

hoenniswheretheheartis said: Depends on how they distribute it. If it’s codes and then public release like Smash Bros was, then you’ll need to either get a US code, or wait for the demo to enter the US eShop. In short: US 3ds can’t get Eu zoned software and vice versa. :c

That’s what I was worried about when your Smash Brothers Code didn’t work. :T Bummer.

@vahaela said: IS THAT MOIRA SMILING?

@umbreongal said: Moira’s adorable when she smiles. :D

@flailingpyro said: LOOKIT ALL THESE CUTIES!

She gets flustered easily when people compliment her. ;u; Big dumb ginger baby. 

"RAGTAG BUNCH OF MISFITS" is my favourite cliche and I will never get tired of using it. 

"RAGTAG BUNCH OF MISFITS" is my favourite cliche and I will never get tired of using it. 

What is your favourite pokemon?

Ohhh boy, I can finally put this to some use!!!

Raticate for obvious reasons, while Blastoise is my first starter ever (and also because of Donahue).

Gible is the signature pokemon of my character Weena, and I love fat ugly baby dragons!

Feebas is possibly my favourite out of the bunch, because it represents this understanding that you’ll one day be beautiful, no matter what you may think of yourself now. ;u;

My shiny Kingdra, Nootnoot, has a special place in my heart, too.

Also, Espurr, because of it’s stupid face. 


问题是,你以为你还有时间。The problem is you think you have time.


The problem is you think you have time.

Have you ever considered joining any other digimon groups? And how excited are you for Digimon Adventure 03?

Is that what it’s called, Digimon Adventure 03? OvO I like the sound of it! I’m terribly excited for it, if only just to see Taichi as the star of his own show again. As fun as 02 was, we hardly saw the original kids any more, and it was a shame!


But I haven’t found any other digimon groups to join. If you could suggest any, I’d be grateful!